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Can You Power Wash A Brick House?

I love a good power wash. I know, it can be hard to picture a professional contractor being this excited about cleaning house siding and gutters, but that's just how much fun it is. And if you live in an older home with brick exterior walls—like most of the pre-1950s homes in the United States—then pressure washing your home can be one of those jobs that's both beneficial and fun. But what are some things you need to know before giving your house a good scrubbing? In this article, we'll discuss some basic questions about pressure washing brick houses as well as sharing tips on how best to clean them without damaging them

Will pressure washing damage the brick on my house?


No, pressure washing will not damage your home, but your best bet is to hire a professional. Professionals, like American Exteriors, know what pressure needs to be used on the home and type of solutions needed to not damage the brick. We have commercial grade pressure washing systems and chemicals that are used strictly to clean and protect brick homes.

Can I use bleach to clean my house's exterior bricks?

There are two major issues to consider when cleaning bricks with bleach. First, if you use too much bleach and leave it on the brick for too long, it can damage the mortar between the bricks. This will cause them to start falling off over time. Second, if you use a harsh cleaning solution on your brick walls—like bleach—it won't be able to get into all of those crevices and grooves in between each brick (which is where dirt tends to collect). Instead, a milder cleaning solution should be used first and then followed up with a soft wash that can reach into all those nooks and crannies.


Should I pressure wash my brick house before painting?

Pressure washing will help remove dirt, grime and moss that can cause your brick to deteriorate. If you live in an area where algae is a problem, it's especially important to clean the surface of your brick with a pressure washer so that it doesn't discolor and become stained.

If you are going to paint over your brick house, then it's also important that you prepare for painting by cleaning off any loose debris on the surface first. This way when you apply primer or paint over top of those areas, there won't be any issues with peeling paint later down the road. You'll want to use low-pressure settings when cleaning off loose dirt from these surfaces so as not to damage them in any way.

Pressure washing your brick home is a good idea if done right.

If you're thinking about pressure washing your brick home, there are some things you need to remember. A low-pressure setting is best, with a soft brush attachment and non-abrasive cleaner.

Don't use a high pressure setting or let it sit on the brick for too long; this could cause damage to its surface. Make sure not to get too close with your power washer either; if water gets stuck between two bricks or under a capstone and freezes overnight, cracks may form later on.

If you don't feel like going through the trouble of giving your brick home the perfect cleaning it needs, give us a call at 704-964-2592 and we will be happy to clean it for you.

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