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Commonly Asked Questions About Window Cleaning:

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

Think you may need your window cleaned? Here are a few frequently asked questions about getting your windows professionally cleaned.

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1. When Should My Windows Be Cleaned?

Anytime is considered a good time to have your windows washed. As dirt and spiderwebs build up over time, it begins to come noticeable that your windows are due for a cleaning, but if there were a perfect time to get your windows cleaned, it would be spring time! Pollen season in Charlotte, North Carolina begins in March and can go all the way into June, leaving behind a blanket of yellow powder over everything. Spring time also follows after winter time, so any snow, cold wind, and rain marks left behind would be a great time to get the remaining debris off.

2. How Do I Prepare for a Window Cleaning

You’ve made the decision that you would like to have a professional window cleaning company come clean your windows, but how do you prepare before the day of? There isn’t much the customer has to do before professionals step in, but there are some steps that would help make the cleaning process cleaner and faster!

  1. Clean or roll up any blinds containing dust so they do not come in contact with your clean windows.

  2. Move any fragile items or bulky personal belongings away from the window.

  3. Check your window screens and shutters to determine if you would like them cleaned and have them included in your window cleaning.

3. How much does professional window cleaning cost?

Window cleaning varies on the window and the type of job. Depending on the size of the window, the amount of window panes in the window, location of the window, and type of window, pricing ranges from $9-$15 a window.

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