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Everything You Need to Know About Our Water-Fed Pole System

A water-fed pole is a common tool used by window washers in order to clean the exterior of windows. While it may sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, there are several reasons why our company decided to add this product to its arsenal of tools for cleaning windows. In this article we'll go over what makes these poles so special and why they're used by many professional window cleaning companies across the country.


It's safe!

With our system, we can work from the ground without ever having to step onto a ladder. Without a water-fed pole system, we could have to bring our squeegees, buckets, hand-towels, and more on to a ladder to reach those hard to reach areas, but with our water-fed pole system, we can reach windows up to 80 ft in the air without ever having to leave the ground.

No need for chemicals!

The best part is that this type of cleaning doesn't involve using any harmful chemicals that could potentially harm pets or children in any way either during operation or after exposure through runoff into nearby bodies of water (like streams). We have a water system that purifies the water and is syphoned through to our water-fed pole system. This is the healthiest and cleanest way to have your windows cleaned.

Our water-fed pole system is more efficient, safer, cleaner and faster than the way we used to clean windows.

Older systems are inefficient in that they require multiple people to wash windows. You see, when you have one person washing a window and another person drying it off with squeegees, there are lots of opportunities for mistakes to happen; sometimes your hands touch each other's squeegee handles accidentally or you accidentally go inside the other person's wetting path while they're cleaning the glass (which could result in them getting splashed with dirty suds). This creates unnecessary delays and slows down your business.

With the water-fed pole system, however, only one person is needed on each job site because all of the necessary tasks are done by one machine at once: washing/rinsing/drying/pressurizing water through micro-foam applicators directly onto glass surfaces without any physical contact between operators whatsoever!

The bottom line is that water-fed poles can saves you time, energy and money when getting your windows cleaned. If you would like to get your windows cleaned in the best and most efficient way, give us a call at 704-964-2595 or click the button below to request a quote!

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