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The Benefits of Having Your Boat Dock Power Washed on Lake Hickory, NC

Having your boat dock power washed is a great way to improve the look of your home. Whether you have a wooden, concrete or metal dock, it can look old and dingy with all the dirt and grime that gets built up over time. Power washing will remove all this buildup and make your dock appear new again! In addition to making your dock look better, power washing will also increase its longevity and value.


It Extends the Life of Your Dock

Pressure washing can remove a number of substances that could otherwise damage your dock. Some of these substances include algae, dirt, tar and paint. Additionally, pressure washing is an effective way to remove rust and mold from the surface of your dock. If you have been meaning to have your dock pressure washed but have not gotten around to it yet, now is a good time!

It Makes Your Boat Dock Look Good

Your boat dock is a big investment, and keeping it looking good is important. When you power wash your dock, you'll be able to maintain the health of the wood so that it doesn't get damaged from weathering or from being left out in the elements. Power washing also keeps algae, mold and mildew away from getting on your dock as well as other things that can damage it over time such as dirt and pests. The result of having your boat dock power washed will be a clean surface that looks new and fresh every time.

When you have a clean dock, it's easier to use because no one wants to go near something that has been neglected for too long. You won't have any problems with bugs either because they won't want to hang around where there isn't anything interesting happening!

It Protects the Surface of Your Boat Dock

One of the best reasons to have your boat dock power washed on Lake Hickory, NC is that it protects against algae, rust and mold. Algae can grow in any type of water and often overtakes a dock as it provides a good source of nutrients for the algae. If left unchecked, this can lead to an unsightly appearance on your boat dock and potential damage to your home or boat.

Rust is another common problem with docks because they are made from metal which means they will eventually succumb to rust if not properly maintained. Rusting causes holes in the structure of your dock which will eventually cause more serious issues such as falling through completely into deeper waters below. Mold is also common with metal surfaces like docks because moisture has easy access to them; however with regular power washing maintenance from professionals like us here at American Exteriors you won't have any problems with mold or algae growing under our watchful eye!

It Prevents Damage to Your Boat

If you own a boat dock, it's important that you keep it clean. There are many things that can damage your dock. The sun and salt water are particularly harmful because they contribute to oxidation and mold. If these are left untreated for too long, they can cause significant damage to your dock. Pressure washing can remove dirt and debris from the surface of your boat dock, which will help prevent further damage from occurring in the future.

It’s Good for the Environment

Beyond the aesthetic appeal of a freshly washed boat dock, regular power washing can also be beneficial for the environment. As you may have noticed, water is scarce in Lake Hickory, NC. By keeping your dock clean and clear of debris and other pollutants, you’re helping to reduce the amount of chemicals that run off into local waterways from runoff. This helps protect the health of local fish populations and ensures that your catfish-on-a-bun lunch doesn't come with a side of mercury poisoning!

While most people consider boating as an enjoyable activity which brings them closer to nature, it's important to remember that there are still some things we can all do to help preserve our natural resources while out on water or land. So whether it's your own personal favorite method or another one suggested by someone else (like us), feel free not only keep doing what works best but also share any new tips with others!

There are many benefits to having your boat dock power washed. It prolongs the life of your dock, it makes it look good, and it prevents damage from occurring. It also protects the surface of your boat and prevents environmental damage. So if you want to keep your dock looking great for years to come, contact us today!

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