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Why Should I Have My Windows Professionally Cleaned?

Updated: Jul 25, 2022

You may be questioning if getting your window professionally cleaned is worth it. If so, you're at the right place. Here, we are going to explain the advantages of getting your windows professionally cleaned!

Window Cleaner | Charlotte NC | American Exteriors

First and for most, the curb appeal of your home or business will enhance tremendously. Your home or storefront is the first thing people see when walking to the front door of your property. Having the windows cleaned helps the overall appearance from not only the outside, but also from the inside. From the inside, you gain children's finger marks and smudges from your dog licking the window. From the outside, your window collects pollen, dirt, spiderwebs, and more. With your windows cleaned, there will be no streaks or marks of any kind to distract your guests or customers.

Getting your windows cleaned professionally removes any elements that will corrode your window, window seal, and frame. By doing this, you will save your window years of future damage, money spent to get new windows, and time replacing the windows.

Before each job, the professional window cleaner will check each window for any cracks or holes that may lead to leakage into the home or business. By noticing holes or cracks, this prevents future air leaks, fogging and condensation, and higher energy bills.

Lastly, having your windows professionally cleaned will save you the risk of climbing a ladder to reach higher windows. Climbing a ladder can be very dangerous if missing a step or if the ladder isn’t stable, but most professional window cleaners, like American Exteriors, are equipped with a water-fed pole system. This water-fed pole system allows window cleaners to reach windows up to 80 feet high without having to leave the ground. The water-fed pole system only uses purified water so there are no streaks or marks left behind on the window either!

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