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Why Pressure Washing Your Home is Not a DIY Job

Pressure washing your home is a great way to get rid of that chalky residue that builds up over the years. It's an easy DIY job, right? Not so fast! Pressure washing can be dangerous if you don't know what you're doing or have the right equipment. Plus, you may find yourself paying more money in the long run—and not just because you'll need to hire a professional if you do damage your home. Let's explore why it's best to leave this task in capable hands:


It's More Complicated Than You May Think.

When it comes to pressure washing your home, you need to know what you're doing. But here's the thing: It's not enough just to understand the equipment and chemicals involved in cleaning your home. You also need a firm grasp on all of the safety precautions that come with using such powerful tools. That includes knowing how much water pressure can be used on different materials, how far away from your property you should stand while using said equipment, and what kind of protection your body needs while being exposed to harsh chemicals (and boy will there be some). Once we've covered these important topics, I'll finish off by explaining the cleaning process itself so that when someone asks if they can do this themselves—you'll be able to tell them exactly why they shouldn't!

It's not easy.

Before you start power washing your home, it's important to know that this isn't a task for beginners. If you're not familiar with the process and equipment, there are many things that can go wrong. For example, if you don't know how to operate the pressure washer correctly, you could damage your siding or paint job. You also need to be sure that you have all the tools necessary for cleaning up after yourself in case something does go wrong during the cleaning process.

If this all seems too complicated for someone with no experience (or even somewhat experienced), then consider hiring a professional instead!

It can cause damage.

Pressure washers can cause significant damage to your home’s exterior, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. Pressure washers use very powerful water pressure and will blast off any dirt or grime that hasn’t been removed in other ways. However, the high pressure water can also damage wood siding, brickwork and stucco – even soft surfaces like aluminum siding and vinyl siding.

If you do decide to hire a professional company, work with one that has experience cleaning homes in your area of climate and terrain as well as any special needs or concerns (like steeply pitched roofs or homes with brick facades).

Pressures washers are dangerous.

Pressure washers are dangerous. They can cause serious injury and damage to your home, lawn, driveway and patio.

  • You need to be careful when using a pressure washer because there is a risk of serious accidents. The pressure from the water can ricochet off of your target and hit you or someone else in the face or body which could cause them to lose an eye or break bones.

  • The high-pressure water can also cause damage to your property if it is not used properly. If you aim it at hard surfaces like concrete driveways or patios then you will likely scratch them up making them look old before their time instead of retaining their shiny new appearance for years to come!

  • Pressure washers are designed so that they turn off automatically when they reach maximum pressure but sometimes this doesn’t happen due to faulty wiring in older models so make sure yours works properly before using it on anything that might get damaged by too much force (like window panes).

You may pay more in the long run.

One of the most common reasons for hiring a professional is that doing it yourself will cost you more in the long run. If you hire a professional, they’ll be able to provide a quote and give you an accurate estimate of how much the job will cost. They also know what they’re doing and can do it quickly, meaning they won’t waste time by making mistakes or having to redo work because it wasn’t done right the first time.

If you're going with an amateur, however, who knows how long it'll take them to get everything done? They may need more supplies than anticipated—and then some!—which will cause costs to rise even further: not only are there higher prices for materials, but if someone goes over budget on materials and labor hours (or both), then this could be reflected in higher-than-average monthly payments going forward.

Hire a professional to pressure wash your home.

If you're considering pressure washing your home yourself, it's important to know that there are a few things that can go wrong. The most common problem is that you will end up with a lot of water residue on the walls and floors. This can be very time-consuming and expensive to get out again!

Another issue is getting splattered by flying debris while trying to clean the house yourself. It's also not recommended because some people might find it unsafe (for example: if there are children around). A professional will have experience and expertise in how best approach each task so they know exactly what steps need taking before starting work and what precautions need taking when working outside in wet conditions such as rain or snowfall during winter months..

If you need to pressure wash your home, hire a professional. It's a job that requires expertise, and it can be dangerous if done incorrectly. If you don't have the right equipment or experience, then the best choice is to leave it up to someone else who does.

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