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Enchant Your Holiday Exterior

Let our team of experts put on a dazzling holiday light display that will impress your neighbors and guests.

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Discover Christmas Magic with Holiday Lighting Services

American Exteriors Lake Norman has you covered

Turn your holiday dreams into unforgettable memories with American Exteriors’ lighting services. We bring the magic of Christmas to your life with beautifully designed holiday lighting displays. We ensure your home has an enchanting atmosphere that captures the season’s essence.

Why American Exteriors' Holiday Lighting Services Stand Out

The holiday season can be stressful, so why not let the pros handle your outdoor decorations while you focus on gift-giving?
We offer professional holiday lighting services that quickly and efficiently install unique lighting displays designed to enhance your property’s architecture and landscaping, leaving your neighbors and visitors in awe. Setting up holiday lighting can be hazardous when not installed correctly. Our team of expert installers is trained to ensure the lights are safe and secure, reducing the risk of accidents and electrical shocks. If a bulb goes out or a strand of lights malfunctions, we promptly provide maintenance and repairs throughout the holiday season. Thus, you can enjoy a hassle-free and beautifully lit holiday season.

OUr holiday
Lighting Package

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Starry Night Starting at $999
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Frosty's Favorite Starting at $1999
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Buddy The Elf's Masterpeice Starting at $2999
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The Griswold Package Starting at $3999

Book Your Holiday Glow!

Let’s infuse the festive spirit into your property.

Download our service packet here to access detailed information about our offerings.

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Lighting Up the Season with Variety

American Exteriors Lake Norman is all you need

We use various types of lights to create displays according to your style and preferences:

1.  Residential Lighting

Transform your home into a cozy retreat with our range of residential lighting solutions. From classic string lights that infuse warmth into your space to projector lights that bring animations to life, our collection enhances the ambiance of the season.

2. Commercial Lighting

Elevate your business with our commercial lighting options.

Whether it’s the enchanting allure of icicle lights or the uniform brilliance of net lights illuminating bushes and trees, our lighting choices create a captivating atmosphere to enhance your commercial property.

3. Tree Lighting

Enliven your outdoor space with our specialized tree lighting options. From delicately draping string lights to the elegance of icicle lights mimicking the beauty of winter icicles, our tree lighting solutions bring a touch of magic to your landscape.

4. Event Lighting

Make your events shine with our diverse lighting selections. Whether it’s the charming appeal of string lights or the captivating animations of projector lights, our lighting range ensures a spectacular display for any occasion.

5. Wedding Lighting

Let our lighting solutions illuminate your special day. From creating a romantic atmosphere with string lights to adding a touch of elegance with icicle lights, our wedding lighting options make your celebration a luminous and unforgettable experience.

Professional Christmas
Lighting in 5 easy steps



To begin our Christmas lighting service, we first inspect your property to determine which designs will best suit your preferences and budget. We can either visit your home in person or view it on Google Maps to identify the best options for you.



After designing your Christmas lighting, our team of professionals will expertly install and place your holiday lights at the optimal time, with all details taken care of.



Next, we’ll install our professional grade LED lights. These lights will fit your home perfectly as we cut them to the exact measurements needed. The lights will look like they were made just for your home… because they are!



We offer the best maintenance service in the Christmas lighting industry. If for any reason your lighting is not working properly we will come out immediately to bring them back to perfection. Service calls are always free.


The most dreadful part about having Christmas lights up, is finding the time to take them back down and doing so safely. You never have to worry about that again! We will remove the lights and store them safely all year long until they are needed again.

Benefits of Our Christmas installations services

At American Exteriors we believe the magic of Christmas isn’t just in the season itself but also in the shimmering ambiance created by festive lights. Embracing the spirit of the holidays, our Christmas installation services offer a blend of artistry and efficiency, ensuring a seamless and enchanting experience for your celebrations. Here’s why our services stand out:

Custom Design
Making special lights that fit your idea and the space, creating a unique holiday feeling just for you.
Light Durability
Using strong materials and careful setup for lights that last long, even in tough weather, so you don’t have to change them often.
Smart and Efficient with Low Voltage
Using energy-saving, safe lights that don’t need lots of power, making them better for the environment while still looking great.
Quality Guaranteed
Making sure the lights and the way we set them up are really good, so your holiday display is reliable and impressive.
Light Removal
Taking down the lights after the celebrations, so you can enjoy the holidays without worrying about putting everything away.
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