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Pressure Washing Charlotte NC

House Washing

Keep your home looking perfect.

Everyday natural elements such as the sun, dirt, rain, wind, birds, insects, acid rain, ultra violet lights, smoke, and exhaust from vehicles. Your home is here to protect you and your family 24 -7 / 365 days a year, and without the proper care and treatment your home could build up with mold, dirt and mildew, contributing to soiling, discoloration, and damage.


Your home is almost at an unfair advantage due to natural elements our world produces, this can lead your home to lack its curb appeal making it look grime run Pressure Washing is a great way to restore and maintain the exterior surfaces around your home. Make your exterior surfaces shine! Driveways, decks, fountains, paver patios, fences and just about any other surface.


House Washing is quick sleek way to restore your homes beautiful looks. Spend more time hanging out with family and friends in clean safe setting and let us take care of all your labor pains! American Exteriors ensures your home will be looking newer and shiner than ever. 

Don't neglect your largest investment, give us a call today. 

Safe Clean Surfaces

Prevent Costly Repairs

Maintain Property Value


Come Home To A Perfectly Clean Home

There's not a better feeling than pulling up to your freshly washed house. With American Exteriors it's never been easier to give your home the attention it deserves.

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"They did a great job on my home. I had my windows cleaned and house pressure washed. No streaks left behind on the windows and house is back to looking its original white!"

- Olivia Williams

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House Washing 

Pressure washing it one of the most cost effective services one can have completed to add value and curb appeal to their home. Image giving your house an economical and well needed bath and make over that will WOW your neighbors, friends, and family. Your home needs to be cleaned on a regular basis and American Exteriors can you an attractive makeover at a low cost.

Why Get My House Washed?

When you hire American Exteriors to power wash your fence you’ll get fast, high-quality results. Your Home is one of your biggest investments. While exterior cleaning mainly keeps grime, mold, mildew, and algae from eating away your house and property, there are plenty of benefits of having your house washed, such as:


American Exteriors House Washing Services Will: 

  • Looking Newer: When you get your house washed, it will look the newest it has in year. This will increase your home's curb appeal and property value, which is super important if you have plans of putting it on the market. 

  • Attracting Potential Buyers: A clean home says so many things but one most important one is that is tells friend, family, neighbors, and prospective buyers that you have taken care of your home. 

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Years Of Service

5,000 +
Satisfied Customers

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our Full Home Exterior Cleaning Services

In addition to house washing, we've spent numerous amounts of hours training and perfecting: 

American Exteriors _ Window Cleaning _ Pressure Washing

Your Satisfaction, Guaranteed 

At American Exteriors, we guarantee to deliver the best results possible for your property using our safe and effective process.

Why Choose American Exteriors for Home Power Washing Services?

When you hire American Exteriors to power wash your home you’ll get fast, high-quality results. We strive to provide you with the highest level of care. Once you schedule your appointment, we will take care of the rest.


American Exteriors service centers around:


American Exteriors House Washing Services Will: 

  • Simple Scheduling: Our highly trained sales professionals will get on and off the phone in a matter of minutes with our top notch scheduling service. We can and will clean your home even if you are not able to be present during your appointment. 

  • Safe and quality cleaning: We use only the best industry equipment and environmentally safe cleaners with our work. Most importantly our rates are based on space instead of time, we will work as long as necessary to get the job done.  

  • Friendly Technicians: Our experts are passionate about two things exterior cleaning and customer service. They will be able to answer and guide any questions you have before, during, and after your appointment. 

  • Satisfactory Services: With our 5 Star Rating across all of our platforms from Google, Yelp, Facebook, Angies List, Thumbtack, and Nextdoor you can put your trust into us that we'll deliver the highest quality of results.  

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